About Us

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who we are

About us

Super Sports Goa is a group of present and former professional athletes, sports management experts and sports enthusiasts offering industry-leading sports management with an elite level of expertise, influence, access and insights across the sports landscape. With over a decade of expertise Super sports Goa aims to develop the right skill and talent in the world of sports today incorporating the right set of game ethics and values.

The company is founded by Kevin Fernandes, a sports management expert who has the experience of managing national and international level sports events for over a decade, the company is Co-founded by Seriton Fernandes, who is currently a part of the Indian football team and captains FC Goa in the Indian Super League.

Our range of services include Training Schools and Academies, Talent Management, Event Management and Sports Consulting 

We believe in delivering results, not promises, through innovative strategies that keep our clients ahead of the curve. Our expertise is not limited to our foundation as our team of experts and trained coaches is what we bank upon for each and every programme that we have to offer.

Training fields

Our Programmes

The Goa-based sports management company, Super Sports Goa strives to change the face of Indian sports especially football with the launch of various Sports programmes for the generation X, Y and the generation Z. Under the umbrella of our Sports partnership we offer training and coaching in the field of:
Our Academy for Kids

Super Kids Futsal Academy

Our sports curriculum is strategically tailored incorporating the 21st century skills needed to sustain and excel in today’s competitive world.

What is it that our children need today more than excelling in academics?

Today’s child and tomorrow’s leader needs to develop the 21st century skills to face the challenges of the competitive world. Academics play the role of enhancing just their theoretical knowledge, but kids’ today need more than that. They need to be focused and learn self-control, communicate effectively and be ready to take on challenges of the outside world.
Our classes are tailored specifically to cater to the needs of children between 2 years and 16 years of age. These classes will help shape the overall personality of a child as we incorporate the skills like of critical thinking, logical reasoning and creativity.
We aim at encouraging children to become more agile, faster, and stronger and to have better balance. We will not just build a child’s confidence but also make him/her learn to work as a team, take quick decisions and handle pressure.

our professionals

meet the team

Seriton Fernandes

Co-Founder | Defender for Indian Football Team | Captain FC Goa

Seriton Fernandes is an Indian professional footballer who plays as a defender for the Indian Football team. He also Captains the Team FC Goa in the Indian Super league. He is a Co-Founder of Super Sports Goa, regardless to mention his expertise is what helped build the crux of Our Team.

Dr. Steffi Rebello

Sr. Manager New initiatives | Teakwondo Black belt

Trained in martial arts, Steffi is currently working as a senior researcher with a Bangalore based pharmaceutical company. Her love and passion for sports makes her associated with Super Sports Goa where she gets to put her sporty soul to freedom and bring in new initiatives every now and then.

Pearl Albuquereque

Head of Operations and Client management | Bachelors Degree Sports Management

A young & dynamic individual, full of creative ideas manages operations and client services at Super Sports Goa. She has a way with kids and loves to jump in and finish off any task unattended with her straightforward attention to detail approach. Holds a degree in management and is also pursuing her passion for sports by closely working with Super Sports Goa Futsal Kids Academy.



Super Sports Goa went above and beyond in working with us to provide opportunities to our football players. Their expertise allowed us to excel and give our best both during the training session and the real match – this was pivotal in exploring our true potential. In addition, the Super Sports Goa were very accommodating with all that we wanted to present as a team and offered to plan more events for us. Their friendly and approachable staff made the experience very positive and I could not recommend them highly enough – Would love to be a part again soon of another smashing event with Super Sports Goa!

Praveen Sharma

DLF Gurgaon

I have been seeking opportunities to make my team be a part of a big tournament, thanks to Super Sports Goa to organize the Maina Futsal Cup, this tournament gave my players an opportunity to showcase their athletic stride and made them feel a part of a big tournament which made them face competition and overcome the challenges. It surely gave me and my team great confidence to participate in further events. Though we didn’t win this tournament, we emerged out as one strong team.

Ashlie Carneiro

Owner Team ABC United

We don’t know how to thank you. Our son just had a great Football showcase! Our son was able to play relaxed and his best ever because of his stronger Mental Game Skills. We can see a difference in his play. We thank Super Sports Goa for not just providing game training and coaching but also helping boost our son’s confidence level.

Mario De Melo

Parent of Super Kids Football/ Futsal Academy Player
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