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Started on January 1, 1970

Mighty Feet are confident with boundless energy and this is catered for in the lesson plans. Our games are fast-paced and increasingly football-focused, with fun still at the heart, meaning that even new starters easily pick them up. Children begin to understand the importance of team play and matches are gradually introduced.

Mighty feet classes incorporate our rounded learning approach of play, practice and understanding. Play is the motivator and promotes the continued and repeated practice. This disguised learning in itself is a powerful tool; however, we believe in not only teaching the children how to perform the skills but also understanding why and where to use the skill in the real world. This transcends all six areas of our curriculum: – Personal, social & emotional development, – Communication, language & literacy, – Mathematical development, – Knowledge & understanding of the World, – Physical Development, – Creative development.  Things get very exciting at the Mighty feet age group. This is where all the skills learnt to date are transferred into team play and basic football matches.