Our Services

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what we do

Our Services

Our range of services include Training Schools & Academies, Talent Management, Event Management & Sports Consulting.

We believe in delivering results, not promises, through innovative strategies that keep our clients ahead of the curve. Our expertise is not limited to our foundation as our team of experts and trained coaches is what we bank upon for each and every programme that we have to offer.


Our training programmes are innovatively designed and tailored to meet every specific requirement of our client. We provide long term and short term Training Programmes in the field of sports. We believe in imparting the right set of values and game ethics through our programmes that help players face the challenges of the game and build their confidence for life. We also train coaches and head of the sport departments so that they keep their pace matched with us.

Sports Consulting

We provide the best in the industry professional sports consulting for your organization. Our consultancy services are open to professional athletes, sports firms and sports academies. The high class consulting by our experienced and trained coaches give you the right frame of mind and direct you towards building a better base.

Talent Management

“With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance all things are attainable”, Thomas Foxwell Burton. Talent and Perseverance lead to great performance and that’s what we at Super sports Goa aim at nurturing. With our continuous support and assistance today’s sport enthusiast becomes tomorrow’s renowned player. We provide a platform to players to hone their skills and practice to be a part of National and International teams.

Event Management

Our dedicated team of experts envision, conceptualize, plan and execute the entire event according to your perspective. We have held hands with some of the major sports brands and organizations that help us at every step, from setting up the stage for your event to its close. Our client testimonials rank us #1 in Sports event management.


Super Sports Goa went above and beyond in working with us to provide opportunities to our football players. Their expertise allowed us to excel and give our best both during the training session and the real match – this was pivotal in exploring our true potential. In addition, the Super Sports Goa were very accommodating with all that we wanted to present as a team and offered to plan more events for us. Their friendly and approachable staff made the experience very positive and I could not recommend them highly enough – Would love to be a part again soon of another smashing event with Super Sports Goa!

Praveen Sharma

DLF Gurgaon

I have been seeking opportunities to make my team be a part of a big tournament, thanks to Super Sports Goa to organize the Maina Futsal Cup, this tournament gave my players an opportunity to showcase their athletic stride and made them feel a part of a big tournament which made them face competition and overcome the challenges. It surely gave me and my team great confidence to participate in further events. Though we didn’t win this tournament, we emerged out as one strong team.

Ashlie Carneiro

Owner Team ABC United

We don’t know how to thank you. Our son just had a great Football showcase! Our son was able to play relaxed and his best ever because of his stronger Mental Game Skills. We can see a difference in his play. We thank Super Sports Goa for not just providing game training and coaching but also helping boost our son’s confidence level.

Mario De Melo

Parent of Super Kids Football/ Futsal Academy Player
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